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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Mar 17, 2021

Welcome to another episode of Recruit and Retain Trucking Edition. Today’s episode focuses around content, as in digital marketing. Content is an area that a high percentage - more than 90% of trucking companies, are not doing enough with. They’re just not doing the right content. 

There’s a fair amount of misunderstanding around content with folks thinking you need to have a big budget, you need to have a video shoot, asking what does content look like? What can I do? There’s just so many questions around content! 

And so we’ve invited the hugely insightful Lisa Lawrence onto the podcast to lift the lid on content and share best practices with us, not to mention creating a trucking company’s dream content strategy. 

“I think that companies should sit down and discuss a content strategy and not just try to pull it together without a plan.”

Why Lisa? Well, she's the digital strategist at Digital Mark Group, or DMG for short, but she’s also married to a truck driver recruiter, so she not only knows all things content marketing, but she also understands the trucking industry and our specific issues, in particular the drama around recruiting truck drivers. 

So if you’re wondering what you can do to improve your content strategy, download this latest episode, subscribe or follow Recruit and Retain wherever you get your podcasts. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why create a story of your company
  • How to create a content strategy
  • The importance of backlinks
  • Video is a great content piece
  • How to create an ad strategy
  • Repurposing your content
  • Where to post your content

How to connect with Lisa Lawrence: