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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

May 27, 2020

What can you do to make positive changes in your carrier? How do you take feedback from your drivers and implement it? What are you doing to communicate with your drivers? How often are you communicating? How are you doing that communication? 

Welcome back to Recruit and Retain, Trucking Edition. This week we are...

May 21, 2020

Whenever we look back at any major event that’s happened - 9/11, 2008, afterwards we’ve all had to adjust to a new normal. And post-COVID is no different. We can’t simply pick up the pieces of our trucking business and resume where we left off, we need to adapt our operating procedures to the new requirements. 


May 20, 2020

What resources are available to carriers to cope with lockdown? And what are the best ways to disseminate the information to your drivers? 

In this second episode of our mini series, Chad talks resources and where you can find help during these turbulent times with representatives from Fleetworthy, Asurint and Samba...

May 19, 2020

“I think there's so much to be done in automation. I see it on the recruiting side, I see it with retention driver files. I walk into a tonne of offices with a lot of filing cabinets, so I know that they're not digitized.”

In this special episode, Chad discusses automation in the trucking industry with...