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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Nov 25, 2020

If you’re looking for ways to make your carrier or fleet more efficient, perhaps you need to rethink the software or tools that you rely on. 

In this latest episode, Avi Geller, CEO of Maven Machines, discusses what sets their software head and shoulders above the rest and why it will revolutionize not just your drivers’ efficiency, but your operation staff too. 

“We're a technology company focused on helping trucking companies operate as well as they possibly can, more efficiently, successfully, ultimately profitably, than ever before possible.”

Maven isn’t a TMS system, although they will integrate with any TMS system. They’re a telematics company. They deal with everything from GPS tracking to ELD, driver safety monitoring, real time messaging, basically everything that the drivers need, combined with operation software.

It really is a one stop shop to help drivers and fleets run as efficiently as they can and be as successful as possible. 

“The goal of all this is for drivers to be able to focus on driving. That they're not having to play around with technology or trying to make phone calls and get information and figure out where they're going and what they're doing and what is this load and who do they talk to.”

To find out how Maven can help your carrier, download and listen to this latest episode. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Maven are a telematics system
  • How Maven differ from other software companies
  • Investing time in understanding drivers’ needs
  • The data from their product development team
  • Future technology in trucking

How to connect with Avi Geller: