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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Nov 18, 2020

If you’re struggling with driver recruitment or retention, have you considered training your driver recruiters better? 


“As long as trucking companies continue to hire their turnover, I guess we're always gonna have a problem with the way we recruit.”


Norris Beren is an expert on commercial driver recruiting, hiring and retention strategies. He’s the Chief Executive Advisor to CEOs at Risk Reward Consulting and he has a tonne of experience in trucking. 


Norris is on a mission to change the way in which recruiters recruit, and part of the way they’re doing that is by creating a process to train recruiters. 


“There's not a lot of training available for truck driver recruiters in the country. Most of them go into the job with maybe some background in operations, maybe they've been a driver, but where do they get training? Training in regards to how do you have a conversation with a driver applicant?”

To find out how you can train your driver recruiters to recruit better drivers, don’t miss this incredibly informative episode. 


What you’ll learn about in this episode:


  • How to train driver recruiters
  • How to attract qualified drivers
  • Connect the driver to other people in the company
  • How to blueprint the driver
  • How to qualify a disqualified driver
  • Questions to pre-empt objections


How to connect with Norris:
Email -
LinkedIn -
Twitter - @norrislb