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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Feb 27, 2019

Rob Wayne is the director of safety and recruiting at GetGo Transportation. Rob talks with host, Chad Hendricks about how his experience as a driver has helped his recruitment and retention efforts, and why speaking the drivers’ language can be a tremendous asset.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Rob decided to get his CDL and become a driver to help him better understand the industry
  • Why Rob made the transition from driver to management, and how knowledge gained as a driver helped with his new position
  • How Rob was able to promote a focus on safety and get drivers on board with the changes
  • How onboard camera systems and financial incentives have been key components in encouraging safe driving
  • How Rob is working to integrate his safe driving initiatives into his driver training process
  • Why Rob is wanting to create a “Driver of the Year” award and prize linked to the safety metrics he tracks
  • How Rob generates recruiting leads, and what retention efforts have been most successful for GetGo
  • How Rob is preparing for his older driver force to begin retiring, and why he’s looking toward recruiting younger drivers
  • Why “home daily” routes aren’t always everything they appear to be, and why longer routes can actually be less exhausting

How to contact Rob Wayne:

  • Website: