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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Aug 26, 2020

In this special episode of Recruit and Retain, coming from the FreightWaves Carrier Summit, Chad talks with Max Farrell, CEO and co-founder of WorkHound, the real time feedback platform for over 35,000 drivers across the US. Companies in the trucking industry use WorkHound to help improve their driver retention.


Aug 19, 2020

If you run a trucking business and you're thinking about getting into freight brokering, what can you learn from one of the leading freight brokers, PDQ America?

Joining Chad this week to share his story of how he started a trucking company without knowing anything about trucking is Michael Clements, Jr., President at...

Aug 12, 2020

MPG is not an accurate measure of driver performance, but that won’t come as a huge surprise to you. Lots of different factors influence a truck’s MPG - load, tractor type and equipment, environmental variables, even route and terrain. 

So here to tell you how to easily increase fuel efficiency and improve driver...

Aug 5, 2020

“If a company wants to grow, the leadership has got to grow. So if the leaders are not growing, the business is not going to grow.”

A lot of industries (the trucking industry is no exception) are being forced to change and adapt to what’s happening in the world around us. But change isn’t a bad thing, in fact...