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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Jan 10, 2018

Colin Ruskin is the CEO of DriverEngagement.

A business is nothing without its people. That's why now, more than ever, companies need to engage and build loyalty with everyone. DriverEngagement helps you get the tools your drivers and staff need, all in one platform so they succeed; any time, any place. Their platform opens new and innovative ways to communicate and improve driver relations, simplify and automate tasks, and it helps mitigate business risks.

DriverEngagement allows you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.

“For every driver that leaves, you can spend $5,000 or more to recruit their replacement. Why not invest some of that money in a rewards program that helps you retain those drivers?”

- Colin Ruskin

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • DriverEngagement’s goal of helping trucking companies avoid the endless churn of driving recruitment
  • The importance of consistent communication inside trucking companies and how DriverEngagement helps companies manage their communication to have a better retention rate
  • Why you need to stick to the company policy and procedure book so that drivers know what to expect when bring up issues
  • How DriverEngagement automates tasks so that action steps are automatically taken care of to keep the communication chain consistent
  • Using DriverEngagement’s electronic communication log to gauge how well communication is being done and if improvements need to happen
  • Why there needs to be a corporate metric for retention and why everyone needs to be accountable for it
  • DriverEngagement’s great rewards program that incentivises drivers
  • Balancing frequent recognition with infrequent but sizable rewards

Ways to contact Colin: