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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Dec 6, 2017

Riley is the Director of Marketing & Recruiting for V&S Midwest Carrier. Through passion, innovation, and collaboration, and by leading through influence, Riley drives logistic and transportation evolution. He has spearheaded a number of transportation projects and initiatives that have supported his employers’ drive to be market leaders. Throughout his career, Riley has managed the ambiguity and lack of definition and process often encountered in these roles. At each stop in his professional development, he has shown my aptitude to be an agile learner in order to deliver sustainable, positive bottom line impact.

“Anytime you remove yourselves and start from the position that you don’t trust the driver, you’re already building a culture of animosity. You have to go the other way.”

- Riley Banks

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of marketing goals and metrics
  • The tools Riley uses to track incoming applicants
  • How V&S got their turnover under 30%
  • Engrossing your drivers into your culture from their first meeting with a driver-manager
  • Balancing getting drivers home weekly and compensating them well
  • Benefits V&S gives their drivers and the impact that has on their retention rate
  • Setting up a good Driver-Manager Program
  • Rewarding drivers for being exceptional in their job
  • V&S’ challenge to get in front of drivers so they become a recognizable name
  • Building a robust driver referral program that drivers actually want to participate in

Ways to contact Riley: