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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Sep 4, 2019

Chad welcomes Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO of Luma, an instructional design and learning company with a focus on higher education and the trucking industry. Gina and Chad discuss the frustration that managers report that tends to go something like: “We’ve told the drivers this over and over and they’re just not getting it.” Gina discusses several ways to think about and structure the orientation process to better help drivers learn and retain the information their companies need them to understand in order to succeed.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The shortcomings of the way many orientation classes are structured
  • What is instructional design and how does it apply to trucking operations?
  • Distinguishing the delivery, medium and tools you use for giving information
  • The kinds of content that drivers tend to prefer
  • How gamification applies to the trucking industry
  • How to determine what individual drivers and managers need and want out of training
  • How to share the same message in different mediums without being tuned out
  • How to adjust content based on driver engagement with the training materials
  • Using the promise of individualized orientation as a recruiting tool
  • The advantage of providing orientation materials in the driver’s native language

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