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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

May 20, 2020

What resources are available to carriers to cope with lockdown? And what are the best ways to disseminate the information to your drivers? 

In this second episode of our mini series, Chad talks resources and where you can find help during these turbulent times with representatives from Fleetworthy, Asurint and Samba Safety. 

Why are these three organizations well placed to discuss resources and communications for carriers? Because they know the industry inside out.

“The strength of this partnership of Samba and Asurint and Fleetworthy is that Samba is really the data; we’re the pipeline of data that feeds the work that Asurint does on the pre-hire side and the work that Fleetworthy does on the driver management and compliance side.”

There’s so much information out there and if you’re getting bombarded on a daily basis in your inbox, knowing what’s relevant and what you need to be actioning can feel overwhelming. 

Chad discusses what resources are available that you could find generally, but also specific resources to current events with COVID-19. In particular, they discuss what different employees might need from a legal standpoint, operations, safety, and all the agencies, as well as the best way to communicate these resources. 

“I like when people talk about the transportation industry being a very people business still, even though maybe some people don't think of it that way.”

If you missed the first episode of our mini series, check it out here - Automation in the Trucking Industry

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why transportation is a people business
  • Communication is the top complaints of drivers
  • How employees can return to work
  • Employee mental health 
  • Available resources to help your carrier

How to connect with Fleetworthy Solutions:

How to connect with Asurint:

How to connect with Samba Safety: