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Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition

Dec 11, 2019

How do you recruit and retain great drivers? Firstly, you appeal directly to the ones you want to talk to, and secondly, you invest in them. 

Scott Rea is president of AvatarFleet, the software as a service company for the trucking industry, whose mission it is to help you recruit, hire, train and retain drivers, keeping your trucks full of professional, safe drivers. 

“Be the purple cow and invest in your drivers - if you have a driver with a management itch to scratch and you don’t fulfill it, you’ll see a lot of tribal knowledge walking out your door. In recruiting, it’s always going to be an advantage to the organization if you can capitalize on what you’ve already got.”

AvatarFleet is unique in their approach to recruitment and retention because:

  1. They are developing a social media advertising algorithm that targets actual CDL drivers. 
  2. They have the truck driver finishing school which means insurance companies look more favorably upon those companies who invest in their driver safety training.
  3. They have a drive to give drivers a career path, something most companies don’t do.  

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Who AvatarFleet are and what they do
  • How their tools help solve the driver problem
  • Changing the view of safety in driver recruitment
  • Using social media for targeted recruitment 
  • How their training SAAS aids driver retention
  • The driver career path
  • The Truck Driver Finishing School

How to connect with Scott Rea: